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My Brownie Recipe on the Clean Program Blog! - vegan + gluten free + dairy free

I love chocolate, and I will never give it up...and you don't have to! There are so many easy ways to make healthier chocolate treats, like these brownies. They are so simple and easy, AND are super fudgy and delicious. 

You can thank me later.

Check them out on the Clean Program blog now


My Egg-free Chickpea Scramble on the Clean Program Blog! - dairy free + gluten free + soy free

Hi everyone!

I developed this YUM recipe for the Clean Program a few weeks ago. If you are interested in doing an elimination diet, or just eating cleaner, this recipe is a solid option. It is savory, warm and oh so satisfying. Even my little brother approved (this is a big feat).

It also contains no common allergens - BIG WIN

Check it out here

And if you want more information about an elimination diet to really figure out what works for YOUR individual body, e-mail me and schedule a free consultation!

New Article up on the Clean Program Blog! - HOW EXERCISE GOES FAR BEYOND THE CALORIES BURNED

I believe that one on my purposes in life is to instill courage in others - courage to take the leap, courage to believe, courage to love, courage to say no, courage to say yes, courage to keep on going. This word means so much to me. 

I like to strengthen my "courage" muscles whenever I can. One of the ways that I do this is through daily exercise. To me, it is such a simple, matter of fact way that I can easily see my strength. Exercise is so much more than burning a few calories. It is a form of sacred self care and strength building (far beyond just the muscles). Check out my article on The Clean Program's blog here all about the benefits of exercise, that are far beyond the calorie burn - I'm talking brain health, detoxification, and much more.