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Hi beauties!!


I hope you are having an amazing week so far! Keep doing you - working hard, nourishing your body, tapping in to your intentions and helping others throughout it all. 


Recently a client of mine came to me asking for a restaurant guide to help her stick to her healthy eating plan while eating out. She has been making SUCH amazing progress, we are talking down 35 pounds and 10% body fat amazing, and she wants to keep making progress while also enjoying a date night here and there to keep her relationship strong. While I already have a non-restaurant-specific Healthy Restaurant Guide, I didn't have one specific to Orlando, my current location. So I thought - why not? If it helps those in the community make better choices so they can ditch the anxiety around eating out and allow them to leave a night out feeling gooood, then I am down. PS, it was recently featured in Orlando Bungalower here - yay!


Health is holistic my friends. A healthy life includes primary and secondary food - relationships, community, financial security (if there is such a thing, you know what I mean), movement, mindfulness, stress management, spirituality (whatever that means for you) and proper nutrition. While I could talk about nutrition all day, it is important to know that these other things matter just as much! Maybe I am sharing this with you all because I need to hear it again myself. It's funny how that works. I very often fall victim to overworking, not sleeping enough, and spending nights in working until late at night instead of going out and spending special time with friends and family. And then, I feel it - it hits me like a ton of bricks and I have to say that is enough. I encourage you all to do the same. You are in the driver's seat, creating this life of your dreams day in and day out with the little efforts you put in everywhere. Try shifting these efforts around and switching them up to see which benefit your life the most. 


Eating out is often a way that we choose to spend time with our loved ones. We meet out for dinner, grab a coffee, set a lunch date, etc. While I always encourage my clients to make other kinds of dates (like hiking or yoga dates!) while shifting their eating habits, I also understand that we live in a modern world. So let's find the balance here. 


So much anxiety can stem from wanting to eat well and live well. What begins as a good intention can sometimes lead to too much restriction and an inhibited lifestyle. I see this happen often, and once again am totally guilty of it myself. I've been there, dodging dinner dates because I am nervous or anxious about finding something that "fits my guidelines" out. Fortunately, now I surrender to the process. I always make a good choice because it supports me, not because I "have to". It comes from a place of self-love, as opposed to a place of restriction or fear. I always say, there is a time to pull the reigns back in and there is a time to let them out. When in the healing process or recovering from a serious condition, pull those reigns in and don't get the margarita. In this case, it doesn't serve your overarching intention. When in a place of balance and feeling vibrant and healthy, sure grab it! Pair it with a healthy dish (maybe one from my restaurant guide!), and don't overdo it, or else that balance is lost and it is no longer serving you anymore. Spending the next day recovering and feeling terrible is...well terrible. And if it happens, so what! Move on, but learn from it.

*also take b vitamins, drink tons of water and break a sweat to feel better hehe*


Let's keep it clean AND have fun. 




If you want my recs for your favorite restaurants that didn't make the guide, comment on this post and I will add for you all! 


All the love,